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Myth Vs Fact: Facebook

Myth: I have to post everyday.

Fact: There is no need to overwhelm yourself or your staff with everyday posting nor is it beneficial.

While there is no set formula for posting it is not in your best interest to post everyday. You want your audience to enjoy your content, not get annoyed with it. This also gives you time to plan out and perfect each post.

Myth: Facebook advertising is expensive.

Fact: Facebook is a relatively low-cost form of advertising.

For standard ads, Facebook only charges you when someone clicks on your advertisement. Compare that to buying a newspaper ad that charges you for placement, not results.

Myth: I can post visuals I find online without a problem.

Fact: Most content on the internet is not public domain.

Always err on the side of caution and assume pictures or videos, especially those found on Google images, are copyrighted. Search for visuals that are free to use for commercial or personal use. There are plenty of websites that offer such images. You can always make your own too!

Myth: All of my followers will see my posts

Fact: About only 16% of your followers will see your posts.

There is so much clutter on social media today, your posts are bound to get lost in the chaos of the timeline.

Myth: I have social media, I don't need a website!

Fact: Don't rely on social media alone.

Build your business on your own platform, a website. Encourage your social media audience to visit your website.

Myth: Facebook isn't as strong or stable as traditional marketing.

Fact: Facebook is much more targetable and easier to track results.

Traditional advertising, like newspapers, broadcast to a wide range of people. Facebook makes it easy to target those who will actually want to learn about your products or services. Facebook also makes it easy for an instant connection with potential customers by drawing them to like your page and continue to follow your business.

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