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2020 Instagram and Facebook Trends

Business owners, it's time to ring in the new year and new decade with new social media trends!


1) Mobile

The majority of Facebook users are accessing the app through their phone. Keep this in mind when creating ads through Facebook. When viewing an Facebook ad on the computer it is complete with a headline and description but when on mobile it is just a headline and URL.

2) Use Video

Video is still a big hit across all social media platforms. It continues to prove

3) Focus on Stories

The Facebook timeline has become such commonplace things are often getting lost or not seen. This year the push to use Facebook Stories will continue to rise to help with reach.

4) Chatbots

To answer simple questions or to make initial contact while physically away from the screen businesses are turning to bots. They are easy to use and can be programmed within Facebook, remember to keep them personal!


1) Authenticity

We saw this happening in 2019, the slow downfall of perfectly staged pictures and heavy edits. Try to make your posts as authentic and organic looking as possible. Big brands started adopting this style already in 2019. This is true for video content as well!

2) AR Filter Explosion

Now that AR Spark is available for everyone, people are developing AR Effects left and right! These can be used to give stories an enhanced look without over-editing.

3) Be on the look out for Checkout

Instagram launched a beta called Checkout. This will give users the ability to purchase products you see without leaving the app. We expect in 2020 this to be rolled out for all brands!

4) Captions Matter

Long captions are in, yes, they are in! This goes hand in hand with using authenticity, and give you a chance to share a real story with your followers.

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