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Abandoned Carts

An "abandoned cart" is when a consumer leaves your e-commerce site after adding items to their shopping cart. This is continuously a problem for online retailers. According to the Baymard Institute, on average 69.57% (2019) of shopping carts are abandoned. Of this amount, the highest abandonment takes place on consumers phones. But why do people abandon their carts? Secondly, what can your business do to ensure customers are completing purchases?

Why Abandon?

We can all admit we have done this before. Just browsing and clicking add, only to exit the website. According to Baymard Institute the biggest reason people don't complete purchases is the extra high costs added to their total; things like shipping, taxes or fees. The second biggest factor, not wanting to create an account.

What Can You Do?

With the initial above, we know that customers don't like added shipping and fees, don't particularly want to create any accounts, and want things fast and easy. Shipping costs can be altered to a point, allowing "continue as a guest" features may help, and adding secure payment options such as PayPal or AfterPay may give customers peace of mind when checking out.

Additionally, if you do the math, 1 in 4 consumers abandon their carts because the process is too long or complicated. Most e-commerce websites are not optimized for mobile devices. This can cause checkouts to be difficult, websites to have errors or even crash. The best practice is to test your website. Go in as a "consumer" and following a normal shopping routine from browsing, adding items to your cart, and then completing a purchase. This may help you realize what can be improved to enhance user experience.

Other Options for Recovery


Although not the most popular way of commutation, emails can still be an effective tool when trying to recover a customer. Setting up targeted emails sent to those who have items left in their carts may allow you to get some to return. Also offering a discount code to entice a sale may be a benefit.

Targeted Ads

With help from your Facebook Pixel or Google RSLA you can create targeted ads to those who have recently been on your website and those who did not complete a transaction. Attract consumers with an ad featuring the exact item they left behind.

Push Notifications

If a customer has allowed push notifications on your website this can allow you to send personalized notifications to those who have abandoned a cart. This is a great time to send out a discount code to entice them back.

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