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How color is influencing your customers

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Businesses beware, colors do matter for your brand! From packaging to your website, colors impact how your brand is perceived. 85% of consumers say that color heavily influences their purchasing decision.* That's a large percentage of customers you could be turning off all because of color.

Colors can evoke positive and negative emotions. Blue, white and green can be associated with trust while red, grey and black can be associated with fear.

Red can make people hungry while blue can reduce appetite. For high-end brands or those trying to be, stay away from yellow, brown and orange which can communicate "cheap".

Here are just some emotions colors can trigger:

Red- Passion, aggression, rash decision making

Yellow- Great for kids, joy, freedom

Blue- Calming, attention-grabbing, peace

Green- Nature, health, relaxing

Purple- Artistry, mystery, loyalty

Orange- Speed, movement, energy

Black- Traditional, high quality, somber

White- Youthful, safety, cleanliness

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