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Marketing trends for the holiday season

Mobile is still king

The use of mobile phones is still leading the way this year as it has for the past few. Consumers are using their phones to do research on products and to purchase.

Business Tip: Email blasts during the holiday season are a great and simple way to connect with customers especially during the holiday season. Consumers will be browsing through their inbox looking for steals and deals this year.

Social Media

Millennials and Gen Xers will be effected most by social media this holiday season. People are using social networks to find out more about popular buys and doing preliminary research. Nothing beats a personal review to tell the truth about a brand or product and consumers are using that form of knowledge even more.

Business Tip: Make sure to utilize your company’s social media outlets to push sales, promotions and information on your brand!

Videos are attractive

Videos bring products alive and can grab attention to consumers sifting through the clutter of the internet. 51.9% of marketers reported that videos deliver the best ROI and that consumers enjoy watching them. People will be watching videos before heading to the store or clicking on Amazon to make a purchase!

Business Tip: Videos are watched across all forms on the web. Social networks being the top way people are watching followed by YouTube.

Loyalty programs

Consumers will be on the lookout for better rewards this holiday season. Extra points on their loyalty cards, interest free on purchases made with their store credit cards and more will all grab attention of shoppers this year.

Business Tip: The holidays are also great times to push store credit cards by offering great discounts at time of signing.

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