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The main ways to market to Millennials

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Listen, Millennials are quickly starting to dominate the marketplace. Millennials are different than other age groups and this has resulted in a marketing shift. As a millennial myself I know there are ways of marketing that is ineffective and outdated. I also know that there are techniques that can truly grab our attention through the clutter of social media and our lives.

1) Make it Instagram worthy

This is especially necessary for the product industry. Social media presence is a must in today's marketing world and Instagram is a huge influencer among Millennials. We love brands that have aesthetically pleasing photos on their own Instagram pages but also enjoy taking pictures of products, places, or events that will gain likes on our personal Instagrams. Packaging, in store displays, fun events you host and even the colors of the products can make it Instagram worthy.

2) Focus on inbound marketing

Blogging, videos, e-books, and social media engagement are all inbound marketing. Millennials want more than just TV advertisements or flyers. Inbound focuses on answering questions, demonstrating how products work, and providing useful information. It gives Millennials a sense of expertise your company possesses.

3) Repsond instantly

Millennials are not afraid to engage with businesses, to ask questions, or make comments. Questions should be answered quickly, we don't want to wait long for a response. It is also best to have a live person answering questions; it is easy for us to tell between a "robotic" answer and an actual person. No one wants to interact with a robot, having a live person replying to Facebook messages or tweets sets a tone of caring toward your audience.

4) Engage the Millennials

Collaborate with your audience. We really enjoy being a part of our favorite brands. No longer can companies create products and hope to get a response; marketers need to connect with their audience and make them feel like this is a personalized brand. Who doesn't want to feel involved?

5) Reviews are everything

Millennials value the idea of "real life" experiences. More often than not do we check reviews before purchasing a product and even reading up on the company. We want to know others trust the brand and or products in order to gain loyalty ourselves.

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