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Simple ways to revamp your Facebook

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Is your business Facebook page feeling a little...dull? It's time to revamp and revitalize your page. These 6 simple ways will help gain fresh new followers and encourage engagement.

1) Update your profile picture or revamp your logo. This will give a fresh first look for your page and trigger curiosity in current followers.

2) Host an event! Even if it is a digital event. This helps with brand awareness and name recognition.

3) Change up your cover photo. Keep your page current and looking fresh, simply revamp your cover photo.

4) Post a fun video. Videos are the marketing trend, hop on board and see views climb.

5) Star posting attention-grabbing photos and visual content. Again and again visuals and graphics yield higher views and engagements than old fashioned written posts.

6) Throw a contest for your Facebook community. This can be paired nicely with hosting and event! Great for brand awarness and name recognition.

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