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Small Businesses and COVID19

The COVID19 outbreak is a scary time for a lot of people. Many offices are implementing "work from home", schools and entertainment venues are closed and there is overall uncertainty around the globe. But the biggest hit is small businesses, the people who survive on foot traffic into their stores and the people who rely on a "good night" in order to afford their rent. With a possible lockdown looming how can we help our neighbors who need us the most?

Buy Gift Cards

Buying a gift card to a local coffee shop, boutique or restaurant will give the business immediate cash to help get them through this slow time. Gift cards never expire, so save it for when the crisis settles down.

Order Takeout or Delivery

Many restaurants are still providing takeout or delivery. Ordering from them rather than a chain restaurant will provide the restaurant owner the cash they need to pay their employees and continue to run their business.

Shop Online

Many small businesses have online shops as well as their brick and mortar stores! Check to see if your local stores have online ordering, or call and see if they can provide you with curbside pick-up! If your business needs help implementing online ordering, I can help!

Staying Active Online

Businesses everywhere can still stay active online and use their social media to leverage business during this tough time. Keep patrons informed with your plans and goals during the COVID19 outbreak.

There is Assistance

If you yourself are a small business owner, consider checking out the SBA's website for more information on assistance during the COVID19 outbreak.

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