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Spring into new marketing trends

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Spring into marketing with these seasonal trends that can help you stand above the rest! Now is the best time to revitalize your message and start fresh.

Change up your content color palette.

It's out with the more dull or dark color-based pictures on your Instagram feed, it's time to bring the cheerfulness of spring into your content! Try changing up the filters you use on Instagram to get a brighter look, or use trendy colors in pictures you post or videos you make. Some of this springs top colors are pale yellows, bright oranges, mint greens and royal blues.

Use the nicer weather around you.

As the weather breaks, potential for great outdoor content rises. Use the sunny days for outdoor photo shoots of your products or casual behind the sense content. Start incorporating relative hashtags that you couldn't in the winter!

Use Spring holidays to your advantage.

You can use holidays as an excuse for a sale or a fun post. Easter and Mother's Day may be the first to pop into your mind but other holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day or other celebrations like the Kentucky Derby can be a content inspiration.

Incorporate video NOW!

With weather breaking, holidays around the corner, and fun colors to experiment with, video never seemed so good! Video will take your social media to the next level and using spring fever to your advantage will only make your videos even better.

Start thinking about summer trends.

It's never too early to start thinking about next season. Whether you want to change up venues for photo content or color schemes start thinking about summer now! Have a plan in place so once June 21st hits you have the ultimate summer campaign ready.

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