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Top 5 digital marketing forms

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Mobile devices have continued to change the way society functions. It seems that we can’t step away from our desktops because connection follows us. But excessive digital connection can help rather than hinder businesses.

Digital media, digital marketing and e-marketing are some terms thrown around, and I will often use myself, that need proper defining. That said here are my layman’s terms definitions:

Digital Media: Refers to media available on computers, smartphones and other digital devices.

Digital Marketing: Uses such digital media to develop communications and exchanges with customers or clients.

E-Marketing: The process of distributing, promoting, and discovering the wants and needs of customers using digital media and digital marketing.

My top 5 digital marketing forms:

5) Email Marketing: The trick to having effective email marketing is keeping it regular and up to date.

4) Pay per Click advertising: Essentially this is when marketers or businesses pay for people to click on their website. Almost all social networking sites have this available for marketers.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Long story short this is how websites or articles show up first on google searches. There is much more to SEO but in a nut shell it is finding ways to produce content that uses the right keywords to get the most clicks.

2) Content Marketing: This is building relationships with customers through having valuable and relevant content. This can be done by videos, blogs or social media posts.

1) Social Media Marketing: With the trend of social networking it’s not a surprise this hits #1 in my book.

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