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Twitter is great for brands

Twitter is not often thought of as a marketing platform. There is a common misconception that Twitter is just for teens to document their daily lives. Twitter is used by a wide range of people for many different reasons.

This data by Statista shows the number of active users worldwide on Twitter has continued to grow since 2010. This is a massive audience and there are plenty of opportunities to generate leads.

Before you jump on Twitter and expect results consider user personalities.

33% of users use Twitter to share opinions about product and companies

32% of users use Twitter to make recommendations about products and companies

30% of users use Twitter to ask for recommendation about products and companies

19% of users use Twitter to seek customer support from companies on Twitter

Embrace the engagement and all types of Twitter users! If someone tweets to your business or about your business; respond! But who is following brands on Twitter?

48.6% of Millennials on Twitter follow brands

48.8% of Gen Xers on Twitter follow brands

24.5% of Baby Boomers on Twitter follow brands

Lots of people follow brands which gives us a great opportunity to engage with our fans and market to them. Remember to add relevant hashtags to your tweets! Using a hashtag roughly doubles the likelihood of being retweeted and increases engagement.

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