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How to use Instagram for your business

Maybe you have noticed the shift in how people process information. If you haven't it seems that people would rather see a picture or something visually pleasing rather than a long winded status. Instagram has been in the forefront of this change, delivering nothing but visuals to its users since 2010.

There are so many ways for businesses to use Instagram to drive traffic and generate an audience. Here are 6 tips on how your business can use Instagram to capture an audience.

1) Don't shy from captions

A picture can say a thousand words but sometimes the picture needs a little help. Captions can allow you to tell a story or the inner workings that the photo that doesn't show. It is also a secondary place to get creative with words. Play with puns, emojis and the #hashtag.

2) #UseTheHashtag

As I said above, captions give space to add hashtags. Use relevant and common keywords as hashtags that correspond with the photo or video shown. Five hashtags per post is a common rule of thumb; try not to over-do it as the caption can start to look cluttered and unappealing.

3) Don't be solely product based

Instagram can be a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and generate sales and traffic. Although a prime spot to feature your goods, try to give the viewers a little more. Show them behind the scenes photos and Free Donut Friday's. Engage your audience with pictures of your team doing everyday tasks or the inner workings of projects.

4) Use Instagram stories The disappearing content and live features that Instagram stories have is a great place for businesses to showcase limited time opportunities and contests. It is also a great secondary place for your business to feature behind the scenes footage and pictures.

5) Complete your bio

Fill out your bio effectively by adding a brief description of you business along with useful links (like your website). Business profiles can even add a phone number and offers useful analytics.

6) Plan out your posts

Planning and scheduling posts allows more free time for you and a less hectic marketing schedule. There are many third party apps that allow you to upload your desired content and schedule a date for them to be posted. This ensures you are constantly engaging your audience and gives you time to plan out each post perfectly.

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